Lauri Jutila @ljuti

  • ljuti

    November 25th at 12:57pm
    25 5

    #slush badge claimed.


    4 days ago
    LIKE! ⛳


    8 days ago


    15 days ago


    16 days ago
    mikä toi on?☺️
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  • ljuti

    November 19th at 11:28am
    25 1

    Ella and the King.


    20 days ago
    You have an awesome page! 😃
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  • ljuti

    November 19th at 11:08am
    16 0

    Actress in lead role.

  • ljuti

    November 19th at 10:51am
    17 0

    Daily bit of culture.

  • ljuti

    October 22nd at 10:21am
    25 2

    Home turf.

    1 month ago
    Sweet ⛳


    2 months ago
    Pretty awesome 😊
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  • ljuti

    October 14th at 10:49am
    18 1

    Name/caption this.


    2 months ago
    Golfy McGolfface
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  • ljuti

    October 8th at 4:06pm

    Season 2016 is in the books. Thank you @kytajagolf!


    2 months ago
    love your page!
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  • ljuti

    October 3rd at 9:47am
    21 0

    Cool, but sunny.

  • ljuti

    October 2nd at 1:29pm
    9 0

    My PW swing analyzed by @zepplabs. Numbers look pretty good. The app suggests my tempo should be slower, but getting to 3:1 just feels so awkward.

  • ljuti

    September 26th at 7:28pm
    10 0

    Got to roll a few with this new bad boy. Boy, do they seem to roll true, and distance control is much easier. I'm very confident the putting totals will come down. #armlock #bettinardiputters

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