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    October 25th at 5:02am
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    Was at a stoplight at the corner of Kaahumanu Avenue and Harbor Road. Rolled down my window to take a picture of this woman. Waved to her, but she either didn't see me, or was pointedly ignoring everyone. I wonder what her story is.

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    October 21st at 10:03am
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    Have I told you how perfect this locus is? For sitting? Thinking? Writing? The table, heavy and spare—lacquered with the conversation and silence of years as a family grows and deepens. The wind outside, a permanent presence sweeping down from the Ko’olau gap of Haleakala Volcano to find the ocean at Pauwela: washing the mind of the detritus of day. The night outside, filtered by its citizens of crickets, geckos, and the creak of bamboo. Have I told you how well this suits me? I am grateful for it. Living on borrowed time—as we all are—I am thankful for it. For the souls who crafted it into being and marked their living upon it. Have I told you how perfect it all is? I feel the brush of a mottled tail on my leg and the cat, in his language, has bade me open the door for the letting out of him. I stand, I breathe, I am. The momentarily opened door is the night is the mind is the time. Have I?

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    October 21st at 3:49am
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    Jolly Uncle Taka came by and brought fruits for Kahu and me — mountain apples from his Kihei yard, bananas from friends in Hana, and a perfect avocado from his sister in Kauai. Abundant blessings from the ‘aina.

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    October 20th at 8:41pm
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    A garland of leis on the window sill yields a wondrous scent, wafted in by the lively Haiku forest breezes.

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    October 20th at 8:39pm
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    House-sitting for the Chan-Hodgeses of Haiku. What is this thing called? I like to think of it as a fruit yurt. ::chuckle::

  • lnebres

    October 20th at 12:50am
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    As good a metaphor for the Trump campaign as there is. ;-) Parking lot next to the Ross in Kahului.

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    October 17th at 9:04pm
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    Pond and barrier dune at Ka'a Park. Aloha kakahiaka!

  • lnebres

    October 17th at 3:09am
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    Down to where the sea blasts the old lava cliff into rocks the size of cows.

  • lnebres

    October 17th at 1:20am
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    Hands-down the best Indian food in the entire state of Hawaii is to be found right here in Haiku—at the @satrangmaui food truck. This is a creamy vegetable koorma, with delectable cubes of paneer (fresh cheese) added to the mix. Beneath the sauce and vegetables is a bed of soft basmati rice. Salad is chickpeas, Kula onions, diced cucumber in a vinaigrette. I dipped the fresh-baked naan in a yoghurt sauce exploding with flavour. I'm sure you'd approve of this setup @raatz ! Mahalo @harpretty808 and Jason. The only drawback is that this lunch plates is huge. Oh well, all the better for dinner later. :-) Now to seek a waterfall under which to ruminate for a bit.


    10 days ago
    Wow!!!!! That looks incredible!


    11 days ago
    Many mahalos!!!
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