Renée Krulich @lostinfont

I loiter near dumpsters a lot more than I ever expected to.

  • lostinfont

    January 8th at 6:26am
    46 1

    Stood in line for the Sherlock Exhibit for a while. It was pretty and cold.


    7 days ago
    Great view! We started watching this finally. So cool!
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  • lostinfont

    January 5th at 6:36am
    13 0

    Will loiter for peanuts. 🥜

  • lostinfont

    January 1st at 9:21am
    42 1

    Happy New Year!


    16 days ago
    Happy New Year! 🎉✨
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  • lostinfont

    December 30th at 12:44pm
    38 1

    Gliding out of 2016 with these pals.


    19 days ago
    I lerve it so much
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  • lostinfont

    December 14th at 6:25am
    49 2

    Kitten!! Fresh Twice Sold Tales cat!


    1 month ago
    @_emilymarieclark_ It's very inquisitive and cute, hopping up on the milk crates to get a better look at things and you! It also puts up with you picking it up. It meows at you a bit, then puts its paws on your shoulder and gives you an unintentional hug!!! 🙊😍


    1 month ago
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  • lostinfont

    December 11th at 5:12am
    30 0

    My #bestnine definitely trended toward politics.

  • lostinfont

    December 9th at 10:55am
    33 0

    The Cthulhu ivy is increasingly ominous now.

  • lostinfont

    December 8th at 6:50pm
    20 0

    Commute pals ❤️ (Those elbow patches!!)

  • lostinfont

    December 4th at 11:42am

    Made a new friend tonight.

  • lostinfont

    December 2nd at 6:46pm
    23 2

    Morning bribery pals.


    1 month ago
    @chambersfineart I feed them unsalted peanuts and they follow me all the way to the door where I work.


    2 months ago
    Very cool!
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