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  • lucius

    November 20th at 5:41pm
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    15 days ago
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  • lucius

    November 18th at 1:13pm

    Geysir geyser.

  • lucius

    November 17th at 5:36pm
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    Tried to get near the Solheimajokull glacier but had to turn back due to ice and gusting winds.

  • lucius

    November 17th at 7:34am

    Yesterday in the land of fire and ice.


    18 days ago
    👊 👊 great pic
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  • lucius

    November 16th at 2:34pm


  • lucius

    September 12th at 6:26am
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    Biggest chip tune show I've been to. #xoxofest


    2 months ago
    nice name fam
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  • lucius

    September 11th at 6:26am
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    Fun little collaborative tower building game using 3D printed animals -- Beasts of Balance. #xoxofest

  • lucius

    September 10th at 8:19am
    7 1

    Favorite game at #xoxofest -- an architectural 3D puzzler.


    3 months ago
    Is this William Chyr's latest project out of Chicago? Manifold Garden?
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  • lucius

    August 21st at 6:43am

    Anime chipshow visuals from #lwlvl2016 including Turnt Shojo, mrghosty, and Party Time Hexcellent!

  • lucius

    August 14th at 9:56pm
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    Farewell to the last Otakon in Baltimore. It's been fun, exciting, and just really hot. #otakon

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