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@natgeo 3 months ago

Photos by @brentstirton | // Supported by Nat Geo Society/Wyss Campaign for Nature committed to protecting 30% of the planet by 2030. // African Parks is a nonprofit conservation organization that takes on the rehabilitation and management of national parks, in partnership with governments and local communities. I photographed in five parks, and in the course of that whirlwind tour, I caught a glimpse of the extraordinary effort to conserve endangered species in some of the toughest places. This included black rhino care and translocation, rare Kordofan giraffes, West African lions and crocodiles, and the world’s largest elephant herd. African Parks currently manages 16 national parks and protected areas in 10 countries, covering almost 11 million hectares. That represents the largest and most diverse portfolio of parks under management on the African continent. They do this job with a skeleton crew, often living in spartan conditions for years at a time. It’s an incredible effort to ensure the survival of a global conservation heritage. Their goal to is have 20 parks under management by 2020. I’m very grateful to all the AP people who helped us tell their story. @africanparksnetwork #conservation #endangeredspecies #campaignfornature