National Geographic

@natgeo 3 months ago

Video by Paul Nicklen @paulnicklen | I often find that the best way to have a life-changing wildlife experience is to let the animal dictate the encounter. That way, they get to work within their own comfort zone and, generally, stay relaxed. That is exactly what happened during this moment in Tonga. A humpback whale calf decided to go explore while her mother slept, its pectoral flukes nearly one third of its overall body length—a perfect measuring stick. This gorgeous little female swam over to me and then reached out with her pecs to assess distance. Just like any baby, she'll need to learn everything she can, as quickly as she can, to get ready for her long migration back to Antarctica. I was more than happy to be part of her education process. Follow me @PaulNicklen for more footage from expedition; past, present and future. #Gratitude #StayHumble #TurningTheTide