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@natgeo 3 months ago

Photos by @brentstirton | // Supported by Nat Geo Society/Wyss Campaign for Nature committed to protecting 30% of the planet by 2030. // For the December issue, I spent time with African Parks conservation rangers in Zakouma, in Chad, and Garamba, in the Democratic Republic of Congo. I was briefly a witness to their phenomenal dedication as well as to the cost of that dedication. From months away from their families in spartan conditions, to conflict with heavily armed poachers and militias, to working closely with tracker dogs and technology, these people make an incredible contribution to ensuring the survival of a global conservation heritage. The goal of African Parks is to have 20 parks under management by 2020. Without these men and women, that would be impossible. I’m very grateful to all the AP rangers who helped us to tell their story. @natgeo @africanparksnetwork #conservation #endangeredspecies #campaignfornature