National Geographic

@natgeo 2 months ago

Video by @paulnicklen | This is perhaps the most beautiful thing I have ever seen underwater, filmed on expedition with @SeaLegacy last year. The veil that separates the ocean from the air is as thin as a dream, and to swim with sperm whales is to feel as though you've fallen into one. These gentle leviathans have thrived in complex family units off the Dominican coast for generations, probably for millions of years. Sperm whales hold the record for largest predator, largest brain, and loudest animal on earth—capable of making noise louder than a rock concert! Scientists have only just begun to understand these massive marine mammals. Follow me @PaulNicklen for more videos that showcase the beauty of the natural world and for updates from my next trip to the Dominica to swim with the sperm whales. #Whales #Science #Ocean #TurningTheTide