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Photos by Michaela Skovranova @mishkusk | The Lindfield Park fire first began on July 18. Months later, 900 hectares continues to burn. The area that's burning is made of peat—thousands of years of accumulated, partially decayed vegetation—which is usually high in moisture. Peat fires can be much more damaging to the ecology and more dangerous for firefighters—under windy conditions, they quickly develop into ground fires. The @nswrfs (New South Wales Rural Fire Service) has not been able to use the usual firefighting methods due to the extremely dry conditions. Instead, they've had to build a 2,800-meter pipeline in an effort to rehydrate the region. To date, they have pumped around 45 million liters of reclaimed water to slowly rehydrate the soil and to stop the fire burning underground. #Australia #bushfire #nswrfs #australianbushfires #bushfireemergency