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  • maggiemight

    March 25th at 6:07pm
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    no room for you #pickapups


    5 hours ago
    c'mom, Rocket, there's a small spot between Trudy and Rufus. Or cuddle on top of one of them!
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  • maggiemight

    March 24th at 3:39am
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    My first baby, on his gotcha day. ❤️


    2 days ago
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  • maggiemight

    March 19th at 11:04pm
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    two cats


    3 days ago
    💕 💝
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  • maggiemight

    March 16th at 10:37pm
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    It's very California today

  • maggiemight

    March 14th at 2:29am
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    rare visit from #rocketthebrowncat

  • maggiemight

    March 12th at 9:32pm
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    scenes from a living room

  • maggiemight

    March 10th at 11:21pm
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    14 days ago
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  • maggiemight

    March 10th at 8:13pm
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    If you're a local friend who's had some vague notion that I joined some kind of legging cult, I'd love for you to come visit my Open House this Sunday from 1 to 4. Because there is legit a clothing store here. It's not weird or shady and there's no sales pitch or presentation. Just fun, comfortable clothes. But don't take my word for it. Come see! And even if it's not for you, someone else you know might love it if you were to send them my way, so it's helpful for me just to get the word out.
    Winnie and I would love to see you!


    15 days ago
    Do you have meggings?


    15 days ago
    Oh how I wish we didn't live on opposite coasts!
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  • maggiemight

    March 9th at 6:41am
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    Sometimes the pieces of my heart feel spread far, and thin, and tired. But they're still my pieces and I need them.

  • maggiemight

    March 9th at 5:54am
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    Winifred Mary is 9 months old today! (Follow @winniepick to see more daily pics.) She really is turning into a tiny human and that little baby potato is disappearing!
    She seems to be VERY close to walking or crawling or who knows? Pogo stick jumping? She is clearly itching to be on the move. She rolls from back to front and front to back. While on her stomach, she can rotate around and she does a slithering worm move to slide backwards. She stands, holding onto something with her hands, sometimes on one foot, sometimes bouncing up and down.She hardly ever just tips over for no apparent reason at all from a seated position any more.
    She has two huge top front teeth with a big ol' gap between them and two tiny bottom teeth. She likes to chitter chat clack them together or to put things in her mouth and scrape-scrape-scrape. She continues to drool buckets and generally enjoys putting all of the things in her mouth.
    Winnie is a big baby and has outgrown most of her 12 month sized clothes. We have an appointment next week and she'll get weighed then, but we're guessing it's around 25 pounds.
    She eats pureed baby food stuff every day, in addition to formula. She doesn't really like chard that much. But banana, sweet potato, carrot, apple, and pear are all great. She likes to hold her spoon herself and like 1 time out of 17, she might actually use it to insert food into her mouth. She can kind of drink a bit from a cup, although that frequently results in her tipping stuff all over herself or simply dropping it onto the floor, in addition to slaking her little baby thirsts.
    She says a lot of things, like "da da da" and phbbbt. We've heard a little bit of baby talk, too, and her voice is just the cutest.
    When she sees a new person or she hasn't see you for a while, she smiles and vibrates her arms and kicks her legs. She also does this when you dangle keys in front of her.
    Still mellow and mostly happy. She likes to be out and about and quietly looking at stuff.
    We think she's pretty good.
    Loved a little more each day by her mom and dad.


    17 days ago
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