Amanda Trevena @mana_grace

  • mana_grace

    October 21st at 12:07am

    I love traveling and being adventurous with you.♡


    2 days ago
    Love this.
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  • mana_grace

    October 13th at 2:22am
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    I am truly blessed. ❤

  • mana_grace

    September 26th at 3:09pm
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    We had such a great time with these two on Saturday! I'm so glad to be reunited with my best friend since 8th grade, and I love how we can pick up right where we left off. Love you, Haylei!♡ #HeyChadWeWon

  • mana_grace

    September 25th at 1:46am
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    On Saturday's, we wear orange.♡
    ..and we win. #GBO

  • mana_grace

    September 19th at 3:33pm

    Saturday with my favorite guy supporting our favorite team. ♡

  • mana_grace

    September 11th at 7:05pm
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    Our Pupritto. 🐶🌯

  • mana_grace

    September 3rd at 9:14pm

    Wedding fun with my love!

  • mana_grace

    September 2nd at 8:31am

    It's football time in Tennessee!🏈

  • mana_grace

    August 30th at 5:57pm

    Last night we made memories and ate way more than we should have. Thank you all for celebrating my birthday with me and thanks to my wonderful fiancé for planning it all! ❤

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