Matt Craig @mcraig

  • mcraig

    December 4th at 8:12am
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    Traditional tree-topper.

  • mcraig

    November 11th at 10:48pm
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    Spotted this cactus walking the dog. Who keeps this in their yard? I mean really...


    25 days ago
    Well, are you walking the dog down in Van Nuys? Could explain a lot
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  • mcraig

    October 30th at 8:15pm
    12 4



    25 days ago


    1 month ago
    I don't normal wear tank tops, but when I do, I fight crime :)


    1 month ago
    Wow that's most excellent!


    1 month ago
    Well done!!
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  • mcraig

    October 26th at 5:11pm
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    My (appropriate) souvenir from weekend as I head back to 3D graphics world.

  • mcraig

    October 24th at 10:01pm

    This kid is not having it. #disneyland

  • mcraig

    October 5th at 7:32pm
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  • mcraig

    October 2nd at 7:14pm
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    For the marbles.


    2 months ago
    Favorite stadium I've ever been to. Your Cubbies are gonna be tough this year though.
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  • mcraig

    September 5th at 8:52am

    John Williams. Hollywood Bowl. Amazing.

  • mcraig

    August 8th at 12:30am
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    New prime lens. Sigma 30mm f2.8.

  • mcraig

    August 7th at 12:53am
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    Big Basin. 12 mile hike to get back into routine after KS vacation.

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