Medha Gerhardt @medhag

  • medhag

    October 10th at 10:56pm
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    Hi pretty!❤️

  • medhag

    October 10th at 8:11pm

    Long way home

  • medhag

    October 10th at 6:35pm
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    2 people on this teeny bike


    10 days ago
    That is badas!
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  • medhag

    October 10th at 6:18pm
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    Benicia marina morning ride

  • medhag

    October 1st at 5:32pm
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    Mah bitches 😁🏍💨

  • medhag

    September 20th at 7:09pm
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    I really can't with this face.


    21 days ago
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  • medhag

    September 16th at 4:02pm
    13 2

    I wish I could wear this every day.


    1 month ago


    1 month ago
    Instagram! Ugh why you crop my pic?
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  • medhag

    September 14th at 5:50pm
    10 0

    Sometimes it's fun to use several photo apps. You cam fun with tintype.

  • medhag

    August 28th at 3:27am
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    Prisma I love you. That is all.

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