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  • mego

    October 9th at 5:34pm
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    6 months ago
    Pleease delete this account or change your username


    11 months ago


    1 year ago
    You should delete or rename this account bc i should have this screen name


    2 years ago
    Продай имя


    3 years ago
    CAN I PLEASE HAVE THIS USERNAME FOR MY ACOUNT!! I wanted this user name from when I fort fog and Instagram and I constantly keep checking on your account to see If u changed your username! But no u haven't cuz u stupid people make stupid accounts and just forget about them when people like me actually might want this account and u just ruin the fun in making an account for us! I've tried and tried and tried to get your attention but ur just another one of those inactive @instagram every single person I know calls me Mego and u fought people actually call u mego! U posted this post 198 freakin weeks ago!!!!! IM SICK AND TIRED OF IT! I wouldn't be mad at u if u actually used this account but sense u don't and I want your username, what is not to be mad about!


    3 years ago
    @instagram inactive


    3 years ago
    @instagram inactive
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