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    January 4th at 4:57am
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    I WILL NOT BE LEFT OUT. Don't make that move, foolish hooman! #woof #fomo

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    December 26th at 7:20am
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    Enjoying the Christmas tree from my new hammock, compliments of @chrislivieri. I wonder how long I can get away with keeping it in the living room, and how long I can stay in my onesie pajamas.

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    December 24th at 5:07pm
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    I've found my soulmate: @thenickboxofficial. The first box gave me heart palpitations, and the second box is causing a full-on heart attack. My Google history includes searches for a piece of the Aggro Crag and a Silver Monkey statue, I kid you not. I got to make my own Stick Stickly. Pete and Pete was my jam (huge crush on Danny Tamberelli, duh), and Clarissa was my idol. Plus the great Double Dare nose, a Midnight Society flashlight, and a Good Burger uniform? Is it legal to marry a box?


    23 days ago
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  • megplumps

    December 21st at 12:36am
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    If you ever feel like your self-esteem is too high, have @heathermrotek (a grown adult, I might add) draw you. I'm that gnome in the middle. Thanks for the birthday gift, Heather. 😬


    27 days ago
    Where the heck is the 'love' button!?
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  • megplumps

    December 15th at 12:42am
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    Stinkface got into the ornament bin while he was home alone. This is the only one he pulled out. I'm not sure if he wanted to eat it or if he just wanted to hang his favorite ornament. #woof

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    December 9th at 7:07am

    I may not wait outside venues for hours in the freezing cold to get within spitting distance anymore, but I still faithfully visit @amnthewilderness whenever he's nearby. Fourteen-ish years, 20ish shows, no end in sight.

  • megplumps

    December 7th at 4:54am

    Uhh, I'll pass. #freecandy

  • megplumps

    December 5th at 10:38pm

    GGOOLLDD, Imma let you finish, but watching Ryan watch/experience/try to wrap his head around Har Mar Superstar was the best show of all time. Add in Flint Eastwood and man, a night for the books. #bitchesonmyradio

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    December 5th at 3:30am
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    Today I choose to remember the day I took this photo for your mom instead of this day 13 years ago, the worst day. While we waited for our Team USA demos, we listened to Blink-182 in your mom's car and you drummed on the dashboard. I will never forget it, and I will never forget you, kid. To anyone who stumbles across this: Help is out there. Please be brave enough to ask for it. You are important. There's so much to see and do. The world can be ugly, but it's still so, so beautiful.


    1 month ago
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  • megplumps

    December 1st at 6:53pm
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    This Mess is so hashtagblessed. @innerdecay, thank you for the perfect hat to show Mess my appreciation on his birthday. Okay, maybe second to the pink Birthday Princess cowboy hat.


    2 months ago
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