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  • melsykora

    November 2nd at 3:24pm
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    Walking along the beach yesterday & looked up to this beautiful site!!!

  • melsykora

    November 2nd at 3:22pm
    18 1

    Found the pot at the end of the rainbow!


    8 months ago
    Wow! 👏
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  • melsykora

    April 4th at 6:09pm
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    Enjoying this nice cool crisp morning! A little shopping & now a yummy cappuccino!

  • melsykora

    April 3rd at 12:03am
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    Is it Friday yet?!? lol flowers & beer kinda day...


    7 months ago
    Keep doin your thing! When you get a quick minute would love to talk


    2 years ago
    Any day is flowers & beer day!
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  • melsykora

    March 17th at 4:26pm
    10 0

    Natural remedy for these allergies!

  • melsykora

    January 22nd at 4:06pm
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    On my way to Louisville & doing some airport shopping!! Gotta love a new journal. #imallabouttravel #wvmomentum #ysbh

  • melsykora

    January 16th at 1:12am
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    New journal...new year...it's on!!!

  • melsykora

    January 10th at 7:37pm
    9 0

    Lemon, raspberry, basil, & mint infused water!!! Yummmm

  • melsykora

    January 5th at 3:42pm
    7 3

    Bottoms up!!!


    2 years ago
    Is this a daily cleanse? I'm interested!


    2 years ago
    4oz real cranberry juice, 1TBS apple cider vinegar, 1/2 lemon, & 1oz. B12 (not sure where you can buy the liquid B12 in Memphis-maybe order online) they are great to start your day!


    2 years ago
    That looks yummy. What is it? I need some liquid B12!!
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  • melsykora

    December 23rd at 7:30am
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    What a fun night! Missing a few people...just love my Levi's crew!! #levis104

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