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  • midsoutherncharm

    December 6th at 12:40am
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    Thank goodness for snuggle buddies.

  • midsoutherncharm

    December 4th at 4:35pm
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    Thank you, Shelby, for my beautiful wreath for the front door! I love it! ❤️❤️❤️


    4 days ago
    Love your decor!!!
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  • midsoutherncharm

    November 15th at 2:21am
    12 0

    Getting the stink eye. Who know Wally was into vegan tacos? 🐶

  • midsoutherncharm

    November 10th at 12:47am
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    When you order a ham from QVC back during Christmas in July, and a cooler is waiting for you when you get home on a Wednesday in November. In the freezer until Thanksgiving!


    29 days ago
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  • midsoutherncharm

    November 5th at 12:24am
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    The house is coming together and the renovations are finally wrapping up. We got a new rug today and Wally approves.

  • midsoutherncharm

    October 31st at 1:01am

    Go Grizz!


    1 month ago
    We grit, we grind! Go Grizzlies!
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  • midsoutherncharm

    October 13th at 5:39am
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    The garden in October. It's a butterfly party!

  • midsoutherncharm

    October 7th at 2:55am

    I sure love this man.


    2 months ago
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  • midsoutherncharm

    October 4th at 2:38am
    4 0

    This is my life. Did I mention they didn't even find mold?! #renovationsstink

  • midsoutherncharm

    October 1st at 9:33pm
    12 0

    Hillary Cluckin' 2016!

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