Mike Baldwin @mikebaldwin

  • mikebaldwin

    March 1st at 2:21am
    22 0

    Yep, he's actually sleeping like that.

  • mikebaldwin

    January 15th at 8:26pm

    Snow monster

  • mikebaldwin

    December 12th at 4:52am

    Had an awesome time seeing Stageworks Ink's production of Flash Ah-Ahhh!

  • mikebaldwin

    December 11th at 12:10am
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    Trees bent over from the weight of the ice on their branches.


    6 months ago
    That's mental!!!
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  • mikebaldwin

    December 10th at 8:09pm
    18 3

    Had a lot of fun de-icing my car yesterday


    5 months ago
    Lol! That's amazing!


    6 months ago
    How cool! Haha the snow life


    6 months ago
    Whoa. I want to start opening everything this way. Windows. Doors. Envelopes. My email.
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  • mikebaldwin

    December 1st at 9:21pm
    21 0

    Can't think of a better bench press cool-down than for your fur-buddy to climb on your back and get snuggly

  • mikebaldwin

    November 24th at 10:14pm
    15 0

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  • mikebaldwin

    August 6th at 9:49pm
    14 3

    Kinda thinking I should go full Lynch. Yay or nay?


    7 months ago
    My spouse intentionally got that haircut once! I liked it.


    10 months ago
    Haha yay!


    10 months ago
    Hell yay!!
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  • mikebaldwin

    July 25th at 9:48pm
    12 0

    Looking concerned, as usual.

  • mikebaldwin

    June 25th at 4:34am


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