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  • mikesol007

    February 18th at 8:15pm
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    WEEK 7: Story - Forgotten "Abandoned was a very popular week in the original challenge. For the advanced challenge tell the story of something forgotten." Having three kids, it was only a matter of biding my time until the right moment for this week's challenge.

    #dogwood52 #dogwood2017 #dogwoodweek7


    3 days ago
    Clever idea!


    3 days ago
    @bp_engblad Thank you!


    4 days ago
    Great solution to the challenge
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  • mikesol007

    February 10th at 5:35am
    27 0

    WEEK 6: Artistic - Candy "A throwback to one of the favorite weeks of the original challenge. Your artistic inspiration this week is candy. Since this is the advanced challenge... you can't actually use candy in the scene." Technically, naked candy is not in frame, so this counts, right? Right?

    #dogwood52 #dogwood2017 #dogwoodweek6

  • mikesol007

    February 3rd at 6:06am
    33 1

    WEEK 5: Technical - Ten Shots "Shoot 10 shots of the same subject. Each shot should be from a different angle, distance, and focal length. Share your favorite image from the set." #dogwood52 #dogwood2017 #dogwoodweek5


    19 days ago
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  • mikesol007

    January 28th at 4:26am
    22 0

    WEEK 4: Story - Mirror "Tell a story using a mirror." Big thanks to my iModel, Alexis! She saved all of you from horrible dramatic selfies I took this week.

    #dogwood52 #dogwood2017 #dogwoodweek4

  • mikesol007

    January 17th at 1:03am

    WEEK 3: Artistic - Land "Your inspiration this week is land. This could be a landscape, or an image inspired by the land in some way." I ultimately decided on this photo instead of my landscape panoramics because showing our relationship with the land felt like it had more impact than just showing the land itself. Also, I didn't have enough time to wait for them to finish their lunch.

    #dogwood52 #dogwoodweek3 #dogwood2017

  • mikesol007

    January 16th at 10:38pm
    22 1

    Methinks one of my kids needs to learn about hiding evidence.


    1 month ago
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  • mikesol007

    January 14th at 6:26pm

    "Straight out of the Camera. No Photoshop. Shoot a compelling image and post it without edits. No cheating! (Be sure and save the image file for the end of the challenge!)" Photo by Michael Soliman

    I have to admit that this assignment made me twitch. I've spent years refining my post-processing technique, to the point where I usually don't spend more than 5 minutes in Lightroom. As a result, when I compose photos in my mind, I envision the final product. Posting this feels like pulling a pie out of the oven too early. :) #dogwood2017 #dogwood52 #dogwoodweek2


    1 month ago
    Love this! ❤️


    1 month ago
    Nice pic!
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  • mikesol007

    January 4th at 6:23am
    55 1

    Week 1 - "Tell a story using rule of thirds." #dogwood52 #dogwood2017 #dogwoodweek1


    2 months ago
    I like this one. It has my rethinking my week 1 photo. I might need a better story.
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  • mikesol007

    December 30th at 11:37pm
    18 2

    Time to see what all the hubbub is about mirrorless cameras. Thank goodness for rentals.


    2 months ago
    Flash Sync is not as good I hear.


    2 months ago
    The Sony mirrorless takes amazing photos
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  • mikesol007

    December 26th at 8:32pm
    18 0

    Cal Poly is really branching out with their merchandise.

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