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British Game Developer & Arts Professor @NYUGameCenter. Computational aesthetics & New York City. Also cats & selfies. Tweet: MituK

  • mitu

    October 24th at 4:59pm
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    Back home in NYC and this lady and I are having a 'working sick day' from the sofa 🤒💻🐈

  • mitu

    October 22nd at 7:45pm

    From an exhibition called "Fult?" (Swedish for "Ugly?")


    4 days ago
    very love pic
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  • mitu

    October 21st at 3:03pm
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    Talk done at #swegameconf - gifted with this book as thanks, feel like it is a good match for my current aesthetic~ ◾️

  • mitu

    October 17th at 1:53am
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    M83 10/14

  • mitu

    October 8th at 7:24pm

    Saturday brunch looks 💁🏾🍽 #villagelife


    17 days ago
    thanks @wonderlandblog! - i love them too, so comfy so fly x


    18 days ago
    Excellent trousers
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  • mitu

    September 30th at 12:34pm
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    same #latergram

  • mitu

    September 25th at 7:54pm
    16 1

    also this city. ❤️🏙


    29 days ago
    clam city
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  • mitu

    September 21st at 2:31pm
    11 0

    Packing for London with a New York wardrobe. #villagelife #i❤️ny

  • mitu

    September 21st at 2:24pm
    34 1

    i still have this city ❤️🌆 #villagelife #i❤️ny


    1 month ago
    I miss it
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