Mike Diamond @mjdiamond62

  • mjdiamond62

    August 4th at 7:21pm
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    My office consultant is judging me again.


    3 months ago
    Isn't that what consultants do?
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  • mjdiamond62

    July 25th at 7:37am

    The end of the road...Bodie CA

  • mjdiamond62

    July 12th at 8:26am
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    #gyblimpsummer16 ....Seattle

  • mjdiamond62

    June 13th at 8:30pm
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    So, Frontier Airlines. Cancel my frequent flier application - won't use you again. $60 to use the overhead bin. When will airlines figure out that most of their customers really want to be loyal, and be treated with some modest amount of respect... Most fail this simple task / but your failing is epic. And senseless. For the first time, an airline made United look good.#Frontierairlines. And they reduced the underseat storage so that my standard laptop bag barely clears the aisle, sideways. And if the guy in front me me inches his seat back over my tiny table ...my coffee is a goner. Wow, used to be a decent airline but this is truly awful.


    4 months ago
    Let's all just stay home and avoid the madness.
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  • mjdiamond62

    June 12th at 9:22pm
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  • mjdiamond62

    March 28th at 6:16pm
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  • mjdiamond62

    December 31st at 8:52pm
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    A fun year...;-)

  • mjdiamond62

    December 31st at 12:24am
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    No room for Daddy.

  • mjdiamond62

    December 26th at 1:06am
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    Tough day, boys?

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