Michael Lindvall @mlindvall

  • mlindvall

    December 19th at 10:24pm
    85 3

    With the temperatures in the single digits today my hands are needing some moisture!


    8 days ago
    I have an idea for you!


    3 months ago
    Very sweet!


    3 months ago
    What kind of keyboard is that?
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  • mlindvall

    December 18th at 3:36am
    49 1

    Wife's new sweat shirt #santa #hohoho


    13 days ago
    Too nice. Iā€™d love to help you build your brand and grow your followers. Send me your email on DM.
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  • mlindvall

    December 18th at 12:39am
    22 0

    Today was a laundry type of day.

  • mlindvall

    December 17th at 3:06am
    22 3

    Finally made it back to the gym this morning. Maybe I'll start posting daily gym photos to keep me going. #gymlife


    3 months ago


    3 months ago
    One day at a time. Turn it into a habit
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  • mlindvall

    November 6th at 12:20am
    35 2

    #sunset on a cool night in #stl


    3 months ago
    Great content and neat images!


    4 months ago
    āœŒ šŸŽ¶šŸŽ¶
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  • mlindvall

    September 25th at 7:10pm
    28 0

    My son is pretty excited to be able to watch two games at once

  • mlindvall

    September 3rd at 3:59am
    33 0

    Good way to end the week and start the holiday weekend #summerfire #summerfun

  • mlindvall

    August 28th at 2:51am
    17 0

    Some more #sunset photos. Off to the north, east and south it's lightning

  • mlindvall

    August 28th at 2:40am
    9 0

    Cloud above us tonight is pretty sweet #sunset

  • mlindvall

    August 13th at 3:07am
    23 2

    Beautiful #sunset from tonight after the storms rolled through.


    7 months ago
    Huge inspiration!


    7 months ago
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