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  • molachai

    May 13th at 5:04am

    My Lakewood Temptress looks like it's growing cultures.

  • molachai

    May 11th at 3:22am

    Lovely pre storm sky.

  • molachai

    April 11th at 2:32am
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    The best view.

  • molachai

    March 11th at 1:09am
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    My band, Bird Meets Winter releases our second CD, Departures, on 3/18 at Dan's Silverleaf in Denton, TX. The CDs arrived today. *excite*

  • molachai

    February 17th at 5:00pm
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    Today's office.

  • molachai

    February 14th at 4:35am

    Girl Scout cookie pairing with beers.


    11 months ago
    OMG WANT. Also ILU and sorry I haven't texted back, I suck 😱
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  • molachai

    October 7th at 8:24am
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    Old and new. #pdx #pdxcarpet

  • molachai

    September 17th at 5:09am
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    Another session with Pond. Just a little touch up here in a few weeks and she'll be done. Thanks to @tattoosbycapone, @hyrenee, and @darkagetattoostudio.

  • molachai

    September 13th at 11:22am
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    The hands of a spinner. Was very scared to pick up my staff and poi tonight, but I spun both. And have the soot stains to help me remember. Felt so good. Looking forward to the next spin. :)

  • molachai

    September 6th at 1:39am
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    Ain't he a purty man?

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