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  • mollygillispie

    March 24th at 3:26am
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    My husband is the bomb dot com. He had to make a quick trip to Houston for his job yesterday and had drive through Waco....and look what he brought me. I knew there was a reason I loved him.


    2 hours ago
    @tinkerbell2214 this one was carrot cake, he got me another one that was lemon and lavender....not sure how I felt about that one lol.


    1 day ago
    So jealous!! What flavor?!
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  • mollygillispie

    March 22nd at 1:31pm
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    I just love this picture ❀️

    This needs framed😍. We are dreaming of summer days πŸŒžπŸ–
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  • mollygillispie

    March 18th at 2:44am
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    Never a dull moment


    7 days ago
    Absolutely never lol
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  • mollygillispie

    March 17th at 11:12pm
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    ☘Happy St. Patty's Day

  • mollygillispie

    March 17th at 1:13am
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    New hair and a photobomb

  • mollygillispie

    March 14th at 1:26am
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    She insisted on wearing this dress and of course got to finish off the outfit with brothers baseball hat. #littlefashionista

  • mollygillispie

    March 11th at 11:47pm
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    13 days ago
    So true
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  • mollygillispie

    March 10th at 11:51pm
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  • mollygillispie

    March 7th at 1:07am
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    Still blows my mind how much Cadyn looks like his daddy.

  • mollygillispie

    March 5th at 10:39pm
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    The day we got to go home from the hospital.....that dimple 😍😍😍

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