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Living in London. Motorcycle. Football. Philosophy.

  • moonlake_2007

    February 19th at 11:41pm

    Every emblem is here. #bmwmuseum


    1 hour ago
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  • moonlake_2007

    February 19th at 11:39pm

    Yes, I love @kewgardens. Especially, the sunset.

  • moonlake_2007

    February 9th at 5:18pm

    Another view. Lazy Sunday.

  • moonlake_2007

    February 9th at 5:16pm


  • moonlake_2007

    January 27th at 9:17pm

    Tonight gonna be a good night. #londonfridaynight

  • moonlake_2007

    December 31st at 6:54pm

    dawn but 930 am :) #norway🇳🇴

  • moonlake_2007

    December 17th at 10:21am

    Temp office in Paris for 2 hours.

  • moonlake_2007

    December 17th at 10:17am

    Paris - Vendome. 3pm.


    2 months ago
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  • moonlake_2007

    December 13th at 2:05pm

    Thank you for giving message of birthday. Quite short day now in London. Picture was captured on 4pm. Can't believe. Last weekend - beautiful day and I was in Kew Garden, watching airplanes were flying over every 2 minutes. This year, I got to say which manufacturer's engines are fit to each plane, judging from sound. New challenge, new achievement. Never thought about, but no limit. Life is filled with big surprise about your capability.

  • moonlake_2007

    December 3rd at 11:35am

    Well, this is the view from my walking back from my consultant to my office. Winter starts @london. Daytime is getting shorter. Air is getting chiller. You know, I love this season. @towerbridge


    3 months ago
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