Morris Tsai @morristsai

  • morristsai

    February 20th at 3:55am
    13 0

    Cousins chasing bubbles!

  • morristsai

    February 8th at 7:30pm
    23 1

    Trying out the Big Wheel. Inara's legs are a little too short to pedal so she's scooting around the house backwards.


    8 days ago
    Very nice
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  • morristsai

    February 6th at 8:41pm
    9 0

    This is not the droid you're looking for.

  • morristsai

    February 5th at 4:23pm
    11 0

    Going for a drive.

  • morristsai

    February 3rd at 7:49am
    12 1

    Went from crying to smiling just like that


    18 days ago
    Welcome to the fun 2's!!!!! 😂😂😂😂
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  • morristsai

    January 31st at 6:53pm
    13 0

    Cat mask. Mask on cat.

  • morristsai

    January 24th at 7:20pm
    15 1

    Relaxing on red


    25 days ago
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  • morristsai

    January 22nd at 7:59pm
    17 0

    Inara found a twin to play with at IKEA.

  • morristsai

    January 22nd at 6:28am

    Beautiful day to visit the zoo.

  • morristsai

    January 13th at 3:34am
    26 0

    Inara sticking the landing!

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