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  • mrcippy

    February 19th at 11:50pm
    10 0

    Pliny The Younger on tap at Falling Rock Tap House. Check it off the bucket list. #plinytheyounger

  • mrcippy

    February 18th at 4:20pm
    20 1

    First time trying out the #Blichmann Tower of Power controller today. #wesoexcited #homebrewing #homebrew


    2 days ago
    Wait....What date in time are your travelling to with that thing?
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  • mrcippy

    February 17th at 11:54pm
    16 0

    Brew day tomorrow means yeast starter today. #homebrew #homebrewing #yeast #wlp001

  • mrcippy

    February 16th at 2:16am
    24 0

    Cleaning some silicone tubing. #homebrewing #homebrew #brewyourown

  • mrcippy

    February 10th at 6:32pm
    22 0

    So this showed up a bit ago.

  • mrcippy

    January 31st at 6:50pm
    21 1

    Four empty kegs = a lot of brewing ahead of me.


    17 days ago
    Lookin' good ;)
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  • mrcippy

    January 30th at 12:19am
    26 0

    Waiting on a burner to arrive, but other than that, this thing is ready for a brew day. #homebrew

  • mrcippy

    January 22nd at 11:04pm
    30 4

    Get the chicken and waffles they said.


    23 days ago


    28 days ago
    That looks ah-maz-ing!


    28 days ago
    A+ would like again


    29 days ago
    Om (nom)
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  • mrcippy

    January 20th at 12:11am
    24 0

    Calling this one: Don't Worry, Be Hoppy! (American Wheat with simcoe and citra hops) #homebrewing #homebrew

  • mrcippy

    January 19th at 3:18am
    35 2

    So close to completing my revamped home brewery. Thinking it's time I come up with a name, maybe get a plate to put on the stand I'm building. #homebrew #homebrewing #beer #beerporn


    1 month ago
    Nice, that's kinda similar to my rig.


    1 month ago
    Kinda mad the smart folks @CNET came up with
    room. It's perfect for a brewery.
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