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☀My life at its Finest☀ Mom of two handsome boys Wife to an amazing husband Photography is my passion ♡

  • mrs_marmon

    October 26th at 3:28am
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    All I can think of watching Game 1 of the world series is how awesome it was to get married on a baseball field to my love ♡ #luckygirl #game1worldseries #baseballlove #diamondsareagirlsbestfriend #worldseries


    1 day ago
    This post is good
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  • mrs_marmon

    October 22nd at 5:10pm
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    #corbinmarmon #pumpkinpatch

  • mrs_marmon

    October 22nd at 5:09pm
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    Pumpkin patch fun ♡ #beckhammarmon


    5 days ago
    Adorable! I wish I could've gotten Vann to sit still long enough for a picture lol
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  • mrs_marmon

    October 22nd at 5:07pm
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    Pumpkin patch fun with mom this morning! #scarecrowfun #pumpkinpatch

  • mrs_marmon

    October 20th at 1:27am
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    Corbin picked out our only halloween decoration....isn't it so festive! Lol #beckhammarmon #corbinmarmon #marmonboys


    8 days ago
    Beckham now has the crazy face
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  • mrs_marmon

    October 17th at 1:08am
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    Found us a baby racoon leeping while taking family pictures ♡

  • mrs_marmon

    October 16th at 1:46pm
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    They are pretty stoked about cinnamon rolls this morning ♡ Love these boys!

  • mrs_marmon

    October 16th at 1:39pm
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    Happy Sunday Morning ♡ #beckhammarmon #corbinmarmon #marmonboys

  • mrs_marmon

    October 15th at 11:48am
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    I still can't believe this is real and I'm a fashion consultant with Lularoe ♡ I made a leap of faith and I cannot be more excited! This wasn't an easy decision and financially was probably one of the worst times ever for us between a new kitchen our AC going out and 2 boys that cost another mortgage in daycare alone, you can say my husband thought I was dalusional!! Well after last night and the overwhelming support and love from my friends old and new I am in tears with pure joy ♡ My husband came home and was blown away and realized what I have been talking about and seen how happy I was and to have your husband give you that approval and tell you how proud he is of you, that alone was worth every ounce of my hard work this past week plus the entire time in the queue (8 weeks,
    So I'm going to end with...if you have a feeling and a passion TAKE A LEAP OF FAITH! No matter what it is DO IT! I can tell you, I won't ever go a day thinking what could have been if I became a Lularoe Consultant because I'm DOING IT!

    #regretnothing #doitforyou #blessothers #beyourbiggestfan #skyisthelimit #lularoejulia #lularoeconsultant #lularoejennmarmon

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