Mike Anelli @myke_a

  • myke_a

    February 3rd at 12:31am
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    1 month ago


    5 months ago
    I enjoy visiting your profile. Check out my IG account where I teach others to become Ultimate Conversationalist's, Speakers and Interviewers. Keep posting cool things.


    7 months ago
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  • myke_a

    December 25th at 7:55am

    Brian Setzer Orchestra with Andrew & Vanessa.

  • myke_a

    September 29th at 4:16am
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  • myke_a

    September 28th at 5:44am
  • myke_a

    September 24th at 12:27pm
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    @mermaiddev A mermaid sign in India, only one person came to mind. :-)


    1 year ago
    @myke_a I love it. I hope you are enjoying your trip! Post more pictures so i can daydream 😊
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  • myke_a

    September 19th at 1:35am
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    Waiting to take off

  • myke_a

    September 19th at 12:37am

    Off to India I go. 😃

  • myke_a

    August 10th at 3:04am
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  • myke_a

    August 9th at 2:10am
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    Defcon hair

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