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Hamtaro. Hero's. SG. Female. 20s. Just a shy and quiet girl. Just... Don't allow me to bite you.

  • naomihiro

    February 12th at 3:19pm


    No need to put extra efforts to put on the contact lenses everyday~! Thank you Owndays. 😆

  • naomihiro

    February 12th at 9:53am
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    With the Lee's.

    Nope. Not that Lee kays. 😆😆

  • naomihiro

    February 12th at 6:42am
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    When things are on sale, grab them as fast as you can.. hehehe.. What I love about @theminlist delivery package presentation is the pretty Korean pouch!! 😍

    Tried on these and loving them.. it has been awhile since I last drawn my eyeliner with a crayon eyeliner n it went smoothly yesterday. If only there's a darker shade of black.... hehehehe.. The lip crayon & stick...they hace nice scents somehow.. hehehe.. loving them n now waiting for the matte ones!! Blusher is easy peasy.. just dab dab dab on my cheeeeks.. :p

    Hope to see u ladies later! :)


    11 days ago
    Thank you for review! We hope to see you at the Baghdad Street later 😊
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  • naomihiro

    February 11th at 8:35am

    With the handsome b'day boy & Mama! ❤

  • naomihiro

    February 10th at 7:01am
    10 1

    @Regrann from @manpowergroup_sg - HR Administrator (2-year contract/Changi) | Diploma in Business Administration | Min 1 year's experience in #HR #administration | Proficient in Microsoft Word and Excel #SingaporeJobs #ManpowerSG #jobopportunity - #regrann


    11 days ago
    Hi, are Bruneians welcome to apply as well?
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  • naomihiro

    February 9th at 10:59am
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    @Regrann from @xxxibgdrgn -


    14 days ago
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  • naomihiro

    February 5th at 12:07pm
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    While running some errands before the kenduri that evening~~ Peaceful evening.

  • naomihiro

    February 4th at 11:50am

    Kita balik dulu ya Pak Itam.

    Jumpa lagi lain hari ya Pak Itam.

    Pak Itam dpt jumpa Atok dulu, kita pulak kemudian nanti... Assalammua'laikum... Al-fateha..


    18 days ago
    @khatyzainal thank u beb.. 😘


    19 days ago
    Al-fateha. Salam takziah family..
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  • naomihiro

    February 3rd at 4:04am
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    U will be missed, Pak Itam... 😢

    I guess... we will miss receiving your phone calls... calling our mum or mama with ur tone of Hello - "Helllaaau"... ur laughter... ur... everything abt u.. U are gone too soon... just. Too soon... Thank you for the time that we spent together...

  • naomihiro

    February 2nd at 10:49pm


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