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    December 1st at 4:32pm
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    Time flies when I'm with you. Neekash is officially a year old ❤️

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    December 1st at 4:06am
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    Out of the countless number of bouquets he had given me, this is the prettiest so it deserves a picture hehe I love you baby 😘

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    November 28th at 8:49am
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    This sweater pretty much sums up my undying love for food #iheartsfood

  • neecold.n

    November 13th at 7:53am

    When my brother's back from china for a little while. Come back singapore for good leh.


    17 days ago
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  • neecold.n

    November 5th at 11:42am
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    Feeling snuggly in my emoji sweater hehehehehe

  • neecold.n

    November 3rd at 6:09am
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    Realised all my selfies are in my car so boring 🙄 Anw I have jet black hair again!

  • neecold.n

    October 28th at 8:19am
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    Nice lighting calls for a selfie 📸


    1 month ago
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  • neecold.n

    October 24th at 5:00am
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    When my future's here in my present, I need not look too far

  • neecold.n

    October 22nd at 10:04am
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    My love's all graduated. Time to make some big bucks 💰 I love you

  • neecold.n

    October 20th at 9:22am
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