Neil Sunga @neilsoul

  • neilsoul

    November 11th at 8:24pm
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    I want to appreciate my Uncle Danny. For his service to our country, and for giving my family the opportunity to be in this amazing country. You were my life long teacher and all the principles you taught me I hold onto today. Thank you Tito Danny! Love and miss you.


    15 days ago
    Nice! πŸ˜ƒ
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  • neilsoul

    October 23rd at 8:20pm
    30 0

    Happy Feet

  • neilsoul

    October 12th at 4:38pm
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    Walking to the finish line haha

  • neilsoul

    October 12th at 4:37pm
    33 3

    Finished the Lake Tahoe half marathon over the weekend. Just about died but that's what I get for not training for a race hahaha. Point is I finished haha


    2 months ago
    Wow!! Congrats my friend! I hate that I'm always missing you. πŸ’•


    2 months ago
    Great job man πŸ‘πŸ½


    2 months ago
    Attababy!! 🍾🍾
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  • neilsoul

    September 12th at 6:22am
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    Had an awesome time taking the Crossfit level 1 seminar this weekend

  • neilsoul

    June 26th at 9:54pm
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  • neilsoul

    June 1st at 5:13am
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    Love this kid

  • neilsoul

    December 6th at 7:45pm
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    Brother and I getting ready to party


    10 months ago
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  • neilsoul

    November 21st at 9:02pm
    20 3

    Passed NCLE!!!!


    11 months ago
    Congrats Neil


    1 year ago


    1 year ago
    Congrats Neil!
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  • neilsoul

    November 9th at 5:03am
    16 0

    3 years already... Miss you Lolo

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