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    October 24th at 6:00pm
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    #inktober 24. Speaking of cartoonists who push the boundaries of comics, the homage machine today pays tribute to the guv'nor: Art Spiegelman; he's certainly in my personal top 5 comics creators. He's as adept at reportage as he is experimental comics, and of course, Maus is a landmark of the art form in every sense of the world. He's also a publisher, an educator and a scholar of comics. He deserves every accolade he receives and more. Here's to you, Art! #inktober2016 #comics #illustration #ink #sketchbook #maus #artspiegelman

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    October 23rd at 5:02pm
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    #inktober 23. My favourite type of cartoonist are those who play with the comics form in order to bring verve to their storytelling. Kevin Huizenga is simply a first-rate example of this type of creator. His formal play is stunning in its range and originality, but never detracts from his ability to tell a story. He juggles the desire to push comics further and the need to impart an interesting and human narrative effortlessly. The homage machine salutes you, @1000kevinh ! #inktober2016 #comics #illustration #ink #coloredpencils #sketchbook #kevinhuizenga #glennganges

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    October 22nd at 7:52pm
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    #inktober 22. The homage machine pays tribute today to the enigmatic genius that is Bill Watterson. One of the finest cartoonists daily comic strips have ever seen, Watterson eschewed merchandising and corporate politics to concentrate on creating the best strip he could. And boy, was it GOOD. Then, at the height of his fame, he quietly closed the strip and disappeared from the public eye, leaving us with the memory of what An art comics could be. Thanks Bill. For everything. #inktober2016 #comics #illustration #ink #sketchbook #brush #calvinandhobbes #billwatterson


    3 days ago
    Totally rocks!


    3 days ago
    Very cool
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  • ninthart

    October 21st at 8:18pm
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    #inktober 20. The homage machine's subject today needs no introduction. The the God of Comics, the one and only Tezuka Osumu and his most iconic character! #inktober2016 #comics #manga #ink #coloredpencils #sketchbook #tezuka #tetsuwanatomu

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    October 21st at 9:40am
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    Just about the only thing I like about winter is the fact that I can wear my Corto Maltese beanie that my friend Warwick bought me at Angoulême years ago! #hugopratt #cortomaltese


    4 days ago
    Gotta love the beanie!
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  • ninthart

    October 20th at 11:01pm
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    #inktober 20. Today, the homage machine has decided it's the turn of the frankly brilliant Jamie Smart (@jamiefumboo). I love Jamie's work, and I'm truly in awe of the way he not only turns out pages and pages of (excellent) comics, but he's also worked wonders to get comics for kids back on the agenda, not least through the Marvellous Moose Kid Comics. Here's to you, Jamie, you magnificent cartoonist, you. Oh, and catch him working on his YouTube channel--it's flippin' great! #inktober2016 #comics #illustration #ink #sketchbook #brush #jamiesmart


    4 days ago
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  • ninthart

    October 19th at 10:41pm
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    #inktober 19. What can you say about the subject of today's homage? He is one of the very greatest cartoonists ever in my book. He's certainly one of the most prolific. Of course, I'm talking about the quite brilliant @lewistrondheim -- he's done it all, created iconic characters, made tons of fabulous comics, won the Grand Prix d'Angoulême and co-founded one of the most influential comics publishing houses in the history of the art form. And he's still turning out amazing work by the kilometre. Bravo, Maestro et merci beaucoup! #inktober2016 #comics #illustration #ink #sketchbook #coloredpencils #lewistrondheim

  • ninthart

    October 18th at 7:51pm
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    #inktober 18b. Next up, it's my tribute to the amazing @lew.stringer and his hilarious Batman parody, Brickman. Lew is a stalwart of the UK comics scene, both small press and professional, commercial comics. And bless him for that, as neither would be anything like as good without him. He's an amazing cartoonist, a true expert on UK comics and a lovely guy to boot. #inktober2016 #comics #illustration #ink #coloredpencils #sketchbook #brickman

  • ninthart

    October 18th at 7:44pm
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    #inktober 18a. Special two-parter today featuring two giants of UK comics. First up is Envelope and Stick created by the frankly marvellous Ralph Kidson. Ralph is basically the funniest cartoonist alive, and to my mind, his Envelope and Stick comics are a high point in the artform's history. No joke. Find them. Buy them. Laugh yourself silly at them is my advice to you. #inktober2016 #comics #illustration #ink #sketchbook #envelopeandstick #ralphkidson


    7 days ago
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