Pablo Barrios @paulxl

  • paulxl

    November 8th at 9:17pm
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    I need more of these. #Chaumes #cheese


    14 days ago
    You have such great content! 👍
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  • paulxl

    October 31st at 7:36pm
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    I may be starting a #halloween tradition tonight: watching "The cabin in the woods". FYI. This is the Spanish edition.

  • paulxl

    October 30th at 2:50pm
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    Japanese style curry. First time doing it and eating it. It was quite good.

  • paulxl

    October 29th at 10:10pm
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    I must be a blind box master. I bought only one and I got the one I wanted. #lego #minifigures #disney #blindbox

  • paulxl

    October 22nd at 8:36pm

    A Cuban sandwich in pizza form. It's actually awesome.

  • paulxl

    October 10th at 8:47pm
    20 0

    This shit is crazy good.

  • paulxl

    October 9th at 5:27pm

    Watching "28 days later" for the first time on @netflixes while having some of my personal go-to chocolate cc @lindtespana

  • paulxl

    October 8th at 5:13pm
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    This ain't a @dyson airblade.

  • paulxl

    October 8th at 2:19pm
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    Watching old @eatyourkimchi videos using my old PS3 on an old TV my parents won buying ice cream.

  • paulxl

    October 8th at 12:25am
    7 0

    This little cute ghost arrived today in the mail. 😍

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