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I'm no angel, I'm just me..

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    January 16th at 1:17pm
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    Let's see what this little watermelon is up to.. #bb_youna not baby anymore.. jus love this video, it's so funny.. #nofilter

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    January 13th at 1:05pm
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    Father daughter bonding time.. πŸ’—πŸ˜πŸ˜


    8 days ago
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    January 10th at 2:28pm
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    #bb_youna Doctor for the night..

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    January 8th at 2:00pm
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    #bb_youna #rubythehappypie + dyllis.. play date..


    13 days ago
    All the lil princess πŸ‘ΈπŸ»
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    January 7th at 6:33pm
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    Another very cute shot requested by her #bb_youna. Love this shot so much.. most of the time she's a bubbly, sweet and obedient girl.. but there are days, she very terrible.. I always have this love hate relationship with her.. Mummy always love you..

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    January 7th at 1:29pm
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    Had a super epic shot while #bb_youna riding on a deer..

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    December 23rd at 5:27pm
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    #bb_youna before leaving the park, requested me to help her take a photo.. so funny and cute.. most of the days now, she talks sentences that surprised me..

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    December 23rd at 3:05pm

    #bb_youna at her favourite #pororoparksg Christmas party.. all the kids just can't concentrate while taking photo, they can't get their eyes off pororo.. Glad that she enjoy so much..

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    December 20th at 3:13pm
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    No more bad hair days.. rebond done.. (simple make up for the day)

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    December 19th at 4:54am
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    #bb_youna #nofilerneeded colors are too beautiful..

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