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    October 26th at 6:33pm

    Back from the past #Apsara #TaProhm 👍🏻🇰🇭👍🏻

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    October 26th at 10:38am
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    They carve paintings #BanteaySrei #respect!

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    October 18th at 6:37pm
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    Interviewer: When you sit here, by yourself for several hours every evening, looking to your map or listening to radio. Is that because you're a lonely man or because you need to have sometime by yourself after all the public side of your life?

    King Bhumibol: That is the question that can be answered in many ways. I am not lonely. I have work to do. The way of doing work is to have some concentration and some peace. And then one can think more.

    #KingBhumibol #FatherofThai #theGreatestKing 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • pepobeau

    October 14th at 7:19pm
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    In my memory, His Majesty was always working, selflessly dedicated his life to Thais without condition. I am so proud to be born in your reign. Love you so much and will always do. ❤️#KingBhumibol #theGreatestKing #FatherofThai

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    October 9th at 4:20pm
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    อืมมม... มันคือ Pablo ย่อส่วน ที่ความอร่อยก็ย่อลงด้วย #เจ๋ยๆ #80บาท 🙄🙄🙄


    18 days ago
    @yukyuise โอเคร งั้นอันนี้เราตรงกัน จดไว้ๆ 😄😄😄


    18 days ago
    เบะปาก 😒 มองบน 🙄 หนูขอแค่ทาร์ตค่ะ


    18 days ago
    @yukyuise พี่ไม่ปลื้ม น้องน่าจะปลื้ม(มั้ง)นะ 😁
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  • pepobeau

    September 4th at 1:25pm
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    ดี๊ดี 😘🍓🍓

  • pepobeau

    July 16th at 10:19am
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    โอ้โหหห ดอกใหญ่เบิ้มมม 💖

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    June 24th at 7:34am


  • pepobeau

    June 16th at 3:32pm
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    พิซซ่าาา มั่วมาก 😁 #Bohfood

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