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  • phunky

    March 4th at 2:55pm

    Top of the world


    22 days ago
    The cutest 😀
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  • phunky

    December 22nd at 10:15am
    2 0

    Every time @meet_Cleo sends me an update I giggle my face off at the gif sent.

  • phunky

    December 11th at 6:45pm

    Won't last 5mins

  • phunky

    September 10th at 11:55pm

    Wild Saturday night watching the boxing, drinking coconut water and building a date range picker #vuejs


    7 months ago
    I'd take vue over anything else, its workflow is way more obvious and its simpler for others to pickup as components are just plain HTML, CSS and JS.


    7 months ago
    I'm digging vue.js at the minute. A nice option for when reactjs/emberjs would be a bit overkill!
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  • phunky

    August 1st at 6:49pm

    Tia showing her musical skills

  • phunky

    July 30th at 6:41pm

    Little fairy Tia Rose <3


    8 months ago
    She's beautiful!
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  • phunky

    July 10th at 12:43pm

    Pokemon GO with Jqcon

  • phunky

    July 9th at 11:18am


  • phunky

    June 25th at 10:32pm
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    Fun day with the monkeys

  • phunky

    June 25th at 4:54pm

    Cutie's Cutie's

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