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  • pirahx

    October 19th at 8:34pm
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    Outfit of the day: As the adult I am, I match my comfy yoga pants with equally comfy bear socks.

  • pirahx

    October 15th at 4:52pm
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    It's not my time of the month, but it is accurate for when it is my time of the month. || Repost: @sarahandersencomics

  • pirahx

    October 13th at 4:41pm
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    Boo for all the no's.


    8 days ago
    love it!
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  • pirahx

    October 12th at 2:00pm
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    Repost: @ohhdeer @bethdrawsthings

  • pirahx

    October 11th at 6:23pm
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    Sometimes things happen that put other things in perspective. Life and all that. Live and love.


    10 days ago
    Vad hände med andra halvan liksom ?
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  • pirahx

    October 6th at 12:38pm
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  • pirahx

    October 4th at 12:50am
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    I really don't get it. What do you want from me shiny bracelet thing?!?!

  • pirahx

    October 3rd at 9:17pm
    15 1

    I didn't win. But I was nominated. I gu SA that's more than some people ask for.


    18 days ago
    Men flott! Bra jobbat är väl passande att säga
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  • pirahx

    October 3rd at 8:18pm
    9 1


    18 days ago
    Wat is dis
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