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Graphic Design & Printing (career), Private Pilot (hobby), Airplanes (fly), Jeeps (drive), Photo booth (part-time hobby)

  • pjjeep

    October 22nd at 8:28pm

    Saturday Above the Clouds

  • pjjeep

    October 22nd at 8:26pm

    Saturday Flying

  • pjjeep

    October 19th at 1:45pm
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    The doctor will be in to see you for your mandatory annual physical soon... 15 minutes later I'm all like... uhhhh, soon? LOL

  • pjjeep

    October 17th at 12:27am
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    Aurelio...walking like a boss! ;)

  • pjjeep

    September 29th at 9:01pm
    4 2



    19 days ago


    29 days ago
    ☕️ Coffee does this to me too 😢
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  • pjjeep

    September 28th at 10:42pm
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    The struggle is real...

  • pjjeep

    September 26th at 4:31pm
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    I think I need this coffee mug

  • pjjeep

    September 25th at 4:18pm
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    Photo booth at New Chapel for their 3 year Celebration! #photobooth

  • pjjeep

    September 18th at 11:19pm

    My nephew Aurelio's first flight today!

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