@allyesmaeili they never forget the names down here 😂
@itsjasbruh how I tell you about my mates! Oh yeah the one with the slammed fiesta? The one who has an MR2 with the Ferrari bodykit and VXR?
@ahmedyehia1 hahaha zaman 😂
@lleollion 🤣🤣🤣
@1979smudge sounds like you
@ahmad_d96 @chunny_e yeh yeh yeh long time no see i got e class now init 🚗
@omarelsayed who's that guy with the gold x5
@omarelsayed 😂😂😂😂
@llyrowenjones boi efo Leon FR CR TDI
@kyle1990riley 'p464' 😍😂
@leejh85 you cunt!!!!!!
@frazz6d that panda type r
Your scirocco pals 😂 @r_clark15
@courtney.pendry trueeeee
@ayub_ahmed819 @m01z_ it’s an actual thing see 👀
My first car, I was known as the guy with the hand painted Chrysler Avenger, thankfully things got better.
So true!😂
@dylanw995 whens your clio RS coming?