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    January 20th at 10:30am
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    Really happening today, unfortunately. I can't wait for the impeachment.

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    January 20th at 3:40am
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    One of the greatest films ever made, and certainly one of the best movies about senior citizens, about dignity, self-respect, and love for a pet. #VittorioDeSica #UmbertoD #1952 #65years #Italianneorealism

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    January 19th at 9:46pm
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    #Repost Gloria Diaz's daughter Isabelle Daza "When your mom is iconic enough to be a costume. Thanks for the crown. And thanks to my awesome team"


    2 days ago
    i thought it was really la gloria.
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    January 19th at 1:19am
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    Happy birthday #EdgarAllanPoe

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    January 15th at 2:52am

    Ang sabi ng isang pulubi dito sa Quiapo, sa February daw ay papalitan daw ng US Embassy ang papel na ito ng 5,000 pesos. Totoo ba ito Donald Trump?? :D

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    January 15th at 1:42am


    7 days ago
    Nice photo
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    January 8th at 5:42am
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    Book collection ng nanay ko: Bibliya, prayer book, at yung libro ni Vice Ganda #essentials #Nobelprizeforliterature #ModernLibraryClassics

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    January 8th at 1:18am
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    Happy 70th birthday #DavidBowie , whatever constellation you may be in right now

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    January 3rd at 2:06pm
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    J.R.R. Tolkien was born 125 years ago today #1892 #LOTR

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    January 2nd at 9:36pm
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    #Repost from @pawsphilippines ANIMAL CRUELTY COMPLAINT AGAINST MMFF FILM "ORO" UPDATE. On Tuesday, January 2, PAWS Executive Director Anna Cabrera was interviewed by the media after the investigative inquiry regarding the dog that was killed in the filming of the movie, ORO.
    From Anna Cabrera:
    "Years of dealing with animal offenders in court have sharpened my radar to hogwash excuses for committing animal cruelty. The people of the film ORO today who came with their lawyers at the MMFF meeting who said "We didn't kill the dog. We just happened upon a place where rampant dog-killing was taking place and we just filmed it" - you've just set off my inner BS alarm several times today because:
    1. Your director said the dog was bought from someone willing to have the dog butchered.
    2. We have reliable sources that the criminal act was in the script and it was all part of the plan to shoot the scene of the actual killing of the dog. and
    3. Several members of the film's crew have already come out with Tweets condemning the dog slaughter but had to erase these posts because they are afraid to lose their jobs.
    Any self-respecting film outfit would return the awards borne out of this atrocity and voluntarily withdraw from MMFF.
    As for the MMFF ExeCom, let's just say I expected more from you than the "washing of hands"/we-can't-do-anything-about-it line.
    If you cannot pull out the showing of a film whose production hides behind the technicality of having no DIRECT HAND in the animal cruelty, some degree of ethics must dictate deep within that you have to at least let them know that their complicity in the matter - filming a crime and using it for their entry - is unacceptable." @RepostIt_app

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