Patricia McNally @pmcnallyma

  • pmcnallyma

    December 7th at 6:52pm

    I feel like this is taking things too far.

  • pmcnallyma

    November 30th at 12:05am

    One of my favorite parts of Christmas shopping is buying myself stuff at H&M.

    Awesome photo!
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  • pmcnallyma

    November 22nd at 8:09pm
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    The Christmas list for the family we 'adopted' at work really puts things into perspective. The mom's request is at the bottom.

  • pmcnallyma

    November 16th at 2:35pm
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    Wow. Parents will probably waste money on anything a marketing department wants them to.

  • pmcnallyma

    November 13th at 10:52pm

    I don't understand these at all.

  • pmcnallyma

    November 1st at 8:51pm
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    My kitty had an X-ray yesterday!

  • pmcnallyma

    October 26th at 11:58pm

    To be honest, the Reese's will only be given to Trick-or-Treaters as a last resort. #mine


    1 month ago
    Wicked awesome! ⚓
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  • pmcnallyma

    October 26th at 10:11pm

    Do people find their soulmates while in traffic? And based off bumper stickers?

  • pmcnallyma

    October 19th at 6:00pm
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    Charging people to work here. The benefits meetings will definitely be a S-show this year. Also, incorrect use of 'incentive'.


    2 months ago
    We have to do this to. It sucks
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  • pmcnallyma

    October 15th at 10:52pm

    Hope Kitty is feeling optimistic.

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