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    February 18th at 9:52am

    最喜歡被貓瞪,你看看你!#cat #cats #catslover

  • qfishy

    February 18th at 9:47am

    粉紅小肉掌 #cat #cats #catslover


    9 days ago
    cool :)
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  • qfishy

    February 17th at 10:44am
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    "Sometimes the greatest wisdom we can have is to know that we don't know." --- Be wary not to always trust our feelings. In times of anxiety, emotions and thoughts can become confused.
    Need to be continually aware of how little we as human beings really understand about what is going on in our lives. Try being humble about what we think we know and question all our preconceptions.

    Remember also that clarity and confusion, like the Moon, have phases and do pass. The Moon asks us to be calm and patient and to not be too affected by these phases. #moon

  • qfishy

    February 16th at 1:27pm

    Ça me manque !

  • qfishy

    February 7th at 3:21pm

    Everyone and everything is interconnected in this universe.
    Stay pure of heart and you will see the signs.
    Follow the signs, and you will uncover you destiny.
    --- The first time you watch it, it's hard to understand what it's about.
    it's just sort of meanders.
    and then, everything comes together in this one perfect moment at the end.

    and when you watch it a second or a third or a fourth time,
    you start to see that all of this randomness, 
    is leading towards a perfect moment.

  • qfishy

    February 5th at 10:38am

    這應該是我人生最後一次來平溪 ☔️


    22 days ago
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  • qfishy

    January 31st at 9:36am

    In the long-term future, we often over-focus on the present, and sacrifice the future.

    Attitude determines your altitude.

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    January 31st at 9:20am


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    January 31st at 7:10am


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    January 30th at 10:48am

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