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  • ralphipena

    January 29th at 10:53pm

    Living in a blue dot in this red state isn't so bad. Proud of Omaha again today! #nobannowall

  • ralphipena

    January 22nd at 2:48am
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    I remember after the election I felt alone. Not sure of the people around me. Who would actually elect this man?? But today I realize I am not alone. Such a great turn out tonight and around the world! I see now that united on what ever passion drives you, we will stand together in #TheResistance.
    Rebellions are built on #Hope

  • ralphipena

    November 8th at 7:07pm

    Today... Go out and make history!
    #voteforhillary #imwithher #election2016 #MyVote


    2 months ago
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  • ralphipena

    September 20th at 6:39pm
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    Successful day catching & collecting Charmander candy! Now I have my Charizard!

  • ralphipena

    September 18th at 3:58pm
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    It's not every day that you see this… #StarWars


    5 months ago
    Lol!! AWESOME!
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  • ralphipena

    September 1st at 4:49pm
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    #WHERESTHELOVE (feat. The World) - Single by The Black Eyed Peas


    6 months ago
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  • ralphipena

    August 29th at 4:42pm

    This guy was up bright & early this morning on my walk. On the way back from my am walk, someone had removed it.

  • ralphipena

    August 29th at 4:39pm

    Pretty cool hidden art in Benson.
    //behind the church

  • ralphipena

    July 26th at 3:34pm

    "Don't ever give up…" Ok… this is the last I think I'll post on this. I was looking through all of the video & found this one that I don't believe I posted anywhere else.

    Had I given up, I would have never seen the whole concert or even seen it that close up. This experience has showed me to love more, to be more determined & to do everything I can to make the grass greener where ever I am. I wish I would have caught the speeches sprinkled throughout the concert to share with you on how Coldplay feels about the hate going on in the world. We need to get rid of the hate! Just don't give up… be determined & make a difference for the good in life. #coldplaychicago

  • ralphipena

    July 25th at 4:13pm

    #coldplaychicago THANK YOU!!
    The experience of a lifetime for a fan like me. The most amazing luck… I have so much more to share, but this will have to do. What a great last night in Chicago, the city I will forever love!

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