Sean Redmond @rdmond

  • rdmond

    November 12th at 6:45pm
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    This Brooklyn nail salon is putting a lot of y'all to shame. Let's meet this bar, America.


    4 months ago
    Very nice :)
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  • rdmond

    October 30th at 9:12pm

    Tell me when apartments in this beauty become available!


    3 months ago
    whoa me too
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  • rdmond

    July 9th at 2:28am

    Adirondack Sunset

  • rdmond

    July 6th at 7:47pm

    Lovely forest trail up Baker Mt. It got *a lot* steeper, and maybe too much talk about Mirkwood on the way, but a great, short hike.

  • rdmond

    July 5th at 10:38pm
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    Love this simple guide at the Wild Center in the Adirondacks


    9 months ago
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  • rdmond

    June 12th at 9:45pm
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    Kind of a tradition to compote the first rhubarb of the #CSA season

  • rdmond

    April 20th at 12:26am

    Part of me would really like this to be my office.

  • rdmond

    April 3rd at 9:25pm
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    A little battered by the wind today, but still the prettiest tree in the neighborhood

  • rdmond

    October 25th at 8:22pm

    Live Hall & Oates covers on the street for animal adoption.

  • rdmond

    September 5th at 10:37pm

    The barbers got themselves a nice little beer fridge #drinkingwithscissors


    2 years ago
    Beer makes everything better!
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