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I like taking photos of houses, kids and kittens. I love abstract photos as well as crisp, clean, high contrast photography.

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    May 25th at 5:18pm

    We found a birthday girl wandering the halls! Can't believe I've been able to keep up with her for 10 years! #birthdaygirl #10yearsold 🎂🎉💖

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    May 20th at 11:42pm

    So much has changed in the last 5 years since the kindergarten orientation in the top right including her school but it was nice to be back for the Spring Carnival! 😊💖

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    May 18th at 11:16pm
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  • reallifesheri

    May 18th at 6:54pm
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    Can't thanks Chad enough for the hospitality, a room filled with these motivational reminders and getting us out of town before the MAY snowfall came in! It was great getting the tour from someone who knows the city as well as the mortgage and real estate market in Denver. If you're planning to buy or know anyone looking to buy in Denver give him a call at 303-887-3862. #denver #friends #mortgage

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    May 17th at 3:32pm

    People always tell us to "enjoy the honeymoon" phase so that's exactly what we are doing! We may not have gotten an "official" honeymoon but we've gotten to travel to some really amazing places to see doctors and Billy always humors me along the way with selfies so we can remember the good parts in all of this! The one in the top right seems random but I was standing in that same place 1.5 years ago when I sent Billy a friend request after his brother said we should meet! #Godhasaplan #Godmadehimstrongenough #ijohn4:19 #seattle #nyc #denver #boston


    7 days ago
    Sending ooooooodles of prayers and hugs! LOVE these photos! 😍
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  • reallifesheri

    May 17th at 3:47am

    Amazing hospital, amazing views, amazing weather and TWO amazing guys!! Love getting to see Denver, Chad and Cyndi!! 💖😊

  • reallifesheri

    May 16th at 4:57pm

    Whenever I travel for doctors appointments I wear jewelry to remind me who is in control. I'm wearing two because I have a feeling it's going to be one of those days! #stoptouchingme #givemecoffee #burgerandfriesplease #milehighcity

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    May 15th at 10:00pm

    What is it about being told you can't do something that triggers your brain to HAVE to do it?!? As soon as I got a call from the hospital that I can't have ANYTHING after midnight including water or a mint all I could think about was eating this banana split and grilling steaks tonight with the girls! I apologized in advance that I will be cranky and the poor guy said they are used to it! #hangry #nutcracker #extrachocolateplease #donttellmeno

  • reallifesheri

    May 10th at 8:12pm

    If you had a chance to know would you want to? #vEDS #nutcracker #rarediseases #genetics #dna


    15 days ago
    Are you being tested for EDS today Sheri?
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  • reallifesheri

    May 9th at 2:19am
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    God works in such amazing ways and through the most amazing people!! I was just telling Billy and Morgan that as soon as we could afford it that I wanted the lights I didn't have to get up to turn on and off since it's hard to get up and down especially at night. I've been having a super tough day organizing all my medical stuff from the past year for a few doctors appointments I have this month and this Amazon Prime delivery from Molly and Stacey made my day AND made me smile and cry and the same time. 💖🙏😇#bsss4:22 #thesegirlsrock #blessed

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