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Live in NYC & love to travel. Follow if you love #nature #architecture #sunsets and #art. Thanks for stopping by!

  • refrinyc

    May 21st at 10:27pm
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    Back into the concrete jungle of NYC for a few days and my first instinct is to take a walk in the park!


    3 days ago
    @willow.9213 I'm coming to Charleston next week and want to see you!


    3 days ago
    You have good instincts 😘
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  • refrinyc

    May 20th at 2:33am
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    Fort Lauderdale nights

  • refrinyc

    May 14th at 9:30pm
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    Happy Mother's Day to this incredible woman. Although it's been over 16 years since I last hugged you in person, not a day goes by without your Grace wrapping me in your arms. I love you!!! ❤️

  • refrinyc

    May 10th at 8:21pm
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  • refrinyc

    May 10th at 6:01pm
  • refrinyc

    May 10th at 3:50am
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    Made it to Birmingham, Alabama and found some words to live by

  • refrinyc

    May 5th at 6:46am
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    🌓 & 🔥 in Omaha

  • refrinyc

    April 28th at 10:14am
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    #unfiltered Colorado

  • refrinyc

    April 25th at 5:43pm
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    Northern New Mexico



    29 days ago
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  • refrinyc

    April 24th at 9:41pm
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    Good day, Albuquerque!

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