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    March 27th at 3:36am

    Little humans have the best kind of energy to give. This was a piece of art and a game created, by Mady, just for me to appreciate.


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    The rocket launching is my favorite
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    March 24th at 4:10pm

    Thinking out loud...
    Questions to imagine:

    How does your minds eye view gender?
    What pictures float by in your mind as you scan for an image that would represent gender to you?
    What are the kinds of images?

    When a child is born what would you tell the parents?

    These are fascinating questions to think about. Some can argue we are currently living through a culture war. I agree with this statement in form only. Only because people create,define, and use words as tools. And Teampeople are master tool makers.

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    March 17th at 5:35pm

    If these words intellectually offend you, then that's not my problem but yours.


    I’m starting to believe critical thinking, when it pertains to someone you don’t like personally, has blinded many people.
    When will people stop attacking the “person” called “President” Trump and start looking at the “laws” being talked about?
    Thought Experiment:

    Imagine living in a place where the religious beliefs of a particular group are the framework society is designed to live by.

    What kind of freedoms would the individual have? Would all woman be able to act how they individually choose to act or would the group decide? What would the LGBTQ community look like?
    Imagine living in a place where a person was elected and refused to give up power after their term limit.
    Would people appreciate the rights and responsibilities of being individually free better or worse?
    I’m pretty sure my words are meaningless to most people privileged to have been born in America. I’m just thinking out loud and sharing my inner thoughts with the people in cyberspace.

    Now let’s continue to communicate the ideas which unite Western Civilization. Which,by default, are the Values America was built and designed to protect.

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    March 16th at 10:56pm

    Learn the laws of your country. If you don't agree with the laws, then ask yourself why. If you can't answer why, then shut the front door before you start talking 💩;) #rp #culture #hacker #art #politics #law


    11 days ago
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  • renegademind

    March 15th at 3:03am

    Hmmm, we all live under the same sky but think very differently.
    Could you pass the test to become an American?

    Lessons new #American Citizens learn:

    Respect the rights, beliefs, and opinions of others.
    Though the United States is a nation of diverse backgrounds and cultures, our common #civic #values unite us as one nation.
    #Tolerance, through courtesy and respect for the beliefs and opinions of others, is the hallmark of a
    civilized society and ensures the continuity of liberty and freedom for future generations.


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  • renegademind

    March 13th at 12:31am

    Why is this important?

    We have the ability to share our minds with others in an entertaining way using the tools of the internet. The moment you publish anything online you have technically become a public figure.
    And the public environment has rules for public figures to learn and master.
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    Awesome post
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  • renegademind

    March 11th at 2:17am

    The rules of #life are #simple: don't be a dick to others.
    If you break the rules; then be prepared for the effects.
    Department of Defense #Press release: March 10, 2017

    The purported actions of civilian and military personnel on #socialmedia #websites, including some associated with the #Marines United group and possibly others, represent egregious violations of the fundamental values we uphold at the Department of Defense. The chain of command is taking all appropriate action to investigate potential misconduct and to maintain good order and discipline throughout our armed forces.
    Lack of respect for the dignity and humanity of fellow members of the Department of Defense is unacceptable and harmful to the unit cohesion necessary to battlefield victory.  We will not excuse or tolerate such behavior if we are to uphold our values and maintain our ability to defeat the enemy on the #battlefield.

    #repost #news #marines #culture #hacker

  • renegademind

    March 11th at 1:54am

    Do others to form your own thoughts? Read the words and think about how you would manage this country if you were the President.

    Edited Transcript:
    My fellow Americans, "In March, we celebrate Women’s History Month, honoring the countless contributions that women leaders, scientists, and entrepreneurs have made throughout American history.

    We are a greater, stronger, and more just Nation today because of women like Clara Barton, Susan B. Anthony, Harriet Tubman, and so many others.

    We honor them and we recommit ourselves to a better future for every woman in America today." "House Republicans have put forward a plan that gets rid of this terrible law and replaces it with reforms that empower states and consumers.

    You will have the choice and the freedom to make the decisions that are right for your family." "I encourage Democrats to work with us to improve the healthcare system for the American people. Also, we will be driving down the costs.

    We will deliver relief to American workers, families, and small businesses, who right now are being crushed by Obamacare, by increasing freedom, choice, and opportunity for the American people.

    Thank you very much." #love #rp #politics #art🎨 #culture #hacker #jobs #healthcare #diy #education #American #fridaynight

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    February 24th at 1:35am

    Its #project time! The amount of information discovered by #NASA is #mind blowing. Just this year alone has left #humanity with enough source information to #study for a persons #lifetime.
    #news #art #science #education #love


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    🙏 Blessed


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    This is awesome
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  • renegademind

    February 11th at 10:04pm

    My friend asked me what exactly is a useful-idiot? "USEFUL-IDIOT= a person who isn't fully aware of the goals of the person they are following. I realized I am a #useful-idiot.
    When I hear myself talk and share my thoughts, I see the headlines repeated from the #media sources of others who I agree with.
    I am someone who spreads others #messages without fully understanding what the message I was repeating meant.
    Crazy shit that people do through conversation:
    we talk to other people in order to see how are minds work.
    our mind shows itself to you when you talk.

    What my mind is showing me "now" regarding peoples choices of media is we are thinking about things that have many truths depending on the person who's talking point of view about life.
    A wise friend of "mind" told me one day: Thinking is hard.
    I don't think I have ever really thought about what is really important to me.
    I don't think I have ever really thought about what the position of another persons worldview might look like if I was born in their world.

    This thought scared me into a state of embracing #ignorance.
    Without ignorance, knowledge would not exist. Life is much more enjoyable when you are ignorant to the cool times other people are existing in.
    This made me think about my #life.
    I didn't have a choice in the People that gave birth to me. I wonder if they knew what type of person their #DNA would #create?
    I didn't have a choice in the country I was born in. I was born in #America and by default I am an #American. I wonder what Life would have been like if I was #born in a place that allowed honor killings, violence against #women, persecuted people who practice religions different from their own, those who would oppress any #race, #gender, or #sexual orientation?
    I didn't have a choice in the kind of SCHOOLing I received. I wonder what life would have been like if I was given an EDUCATION and was TAUGHT how to LEARN for mySELF?
    I no longer wish to be active in being a blind participant of the #useful-idiot class of humanity.
    I have killed the useful-idiot in me.
    I have been #resurrected.
    I have been #reborn in the image of a #literate person.

    1 month ago
    Welcome out of the can be challenging out here but worth it


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