Rita Garg @ritagarg

  • ritagarg

    March 17th at 10:35am

    Mirror lake


    20 days ago


    5 months ago
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  • ritagarg

    March 17th at 10:34am
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    Wine tasting via tandem bike


    11 months ago
    You guys are too cute!


    11 months ago
    You guys are in NZ? Looks amazing. Come across to oz to visit!


    11 months ago
    Look who's back on the gram!


    11 months ago
    Ahh love this!!! Have so much fun!!
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  • ritagarg

    December 24th at 5:44am
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  • ritagarg

    June 29th at 1:16am
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    I have #pride

  • ritagarg

    May 23rd at 11:06pm
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    Fun times at the Santa Cruz boardwalk

  • ritagarg

    May 23rd at 5:46am
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    Santa Cruz sunset

  • ritagarg

    May 18th at 6:37am
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    3 months ago
    I feel better about wearing cat pants.
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  • ritagarg

    May 18th at 6:28am
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    Big sur

  • ritagarg

    May 18th at 6:19am
    13 1

    Camping in big sur


    2 years ago
    Gotta love the dice!
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  • ritagarg

    May 15th at 6:48pm
    12 0

    Some of the crops in my new apartment garden! Growing tomatoes and cucumbers and onions and basil and lettuce and oranges and strawberries 😀

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