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    October 18th at 11:59pm
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    My first attempt at making upma, and it's delicious.


    3 months ago
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    2 years ago
    Hey can I use your username?
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  • rnp

    August 9th at 11:02pm
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    Mine! :)

  • rnp

    August 9th at 2:10am
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    My little sister bought me a keychain to hold my condo keys. What a sweetheart! :)

  • rnp

    August 5th at 1:24am
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    Home made sushi, yakiudon, and kimchi pancake. #FoodIsGood

  • rnp

    July 25th at 2:07am
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    Nexus 7, in all its glory.

  • rnp

    July 25th at 2:06am
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    Slick looking inner box.

  • rnp

    July 25th at 2:05am
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    Yes, I did know ...

  • rnp

    July 25th at 2:04am
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    Look what arrived today - I think I know what's inside ...

  • rnp

    July 12th at 5:06am


  • rnp

    July 12th at 3:45am


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